Tagging cloud resources made easy

To get the best insights in your Azure spend, tagging of your resources is a must.

Tagging resources in Azure can provide a powerful way to organize, search and manage resources in a subscription. However, it can also present some challenges, particularly as the number of resources and tags grow:

  • One of the most significant challenges is creating a consistent tagging strategy that is easy to understand and implement across an organization. There may be different naming conventions, definitions, and categories that need to be aligned to ensure that tags are being applied uniformly;
  • Another challenge is ensuring that tags are consistently applied to resources over time. It can be difficult to remember to apply tags to new resources, and to ensure that existing resources are tagged when changes are made;
  • As the number of resources grows, it can also be challenging to search and filter resources based on tags. Azure provides some powerful tools to search for resources based on tags, but it can still be difficult to navigate and filter large numbers of resources;
  • Finally, managing the complexity of multiple tags and tag values is a challenge. Tags can be nested, but managing a complex hierarchy of nested tags can quickly become cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

Overall, tagging resources in Azure can provide a powerful way to organize and manage resources, but it's important to be aware of the challenges and take steps to create a consistent and scalable tagging strategy that should be maintained while your cloud usage grows.

Nubovi helps you with tagging your resources to provide better insights in your cloud spend. With NuboLink, you have an easy to use graphical tool to organize your cloud resources. This way, you can easily allocate your cloud resources to business processes which makes it possible for us to give you spend insights per business process.

While using NuboLink to setup these business related tags, the system helps you to quickly do that by using your already existing tags in Azure. Check out our demo video here to see what that looks like.

On our Health page, you’ll also get insight in the health of your tags and you’ll get reminded when the system thinks you should have a look at it to further improve.

This way, you’ll always have a healthy tagging system which makes Nubovi work even better for you!

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