The only cloud spend monitor that makes sense!

Nubovi makes cloud spend monitoring easy. Our dashboards, with only a few controls on it, can be used by business leaders, CFOs and CIOs and at the same time helps IT managers fix overspend issues. We use AI to show insights, instead of raw usage data. We do that automatically. And keep track of the latest developments at your cloud supplier, so you don't have to worry about that. We do all that to help you become more successful and sustainable, improve your cloud ROI and decrease your IT eco footprint.

The value we deliver

We focus on delivering real value to your business. So that your organization will show better results from cloud usage. By improving the efficiency of your cloud resources you will be able to improve your cloud ROI. The core value we deliver focuses on these 3 areas:

  • Insights for business leaders

    Instead of analyzing endless detailed cloud spend data yourself you get real information, directly at your fingertips. Correlated to your business processes and success.

  • Help the IT manager

    Once overspend issues have been identified, you get a very clear overview where things can be optimized. Graphically. With simple
    instructions on how to improve.

  • Compare with your peers

    Nubovi keeps track of your peers and gives you insights on how you are doing. With a simple cloud score. That way your CFO and CIO can sleep at night, without worrying.

Our core features

We deliver the promised value by providing innovative features. Here's the top 5:

  • NuboLink

    By linking your cloud resources to your business processes, we can help you gain better business insights and ownership.

  • NuboScore

    We calculate the efficiency of your cloud resources and give it a normalized score. You can even compare it with your peers.

  • NuboBoost

    The Nubovi recommendation engine provides your with the details needed to improve efficiency and lower spend.

  • NuboImpact

    We correlate your cloud spend and optimization possibilities with your business KPIs, to help you improve the cloud ROI.

  • NuboPredict

    Our advanced AI models learn from the past, your peers and your cloud supplier. We predict your future spend and optimizations.

The main dashboard

This is the main dashboard of Nubovi, where you can instantly see how you are doing and progressing on cloud spend and savings.

It shows your cloud (efficiency) score and the average score of your peers in the same industry.

Organizing cloud resources

Nubovi helps organize your cloud resources and links them to business processes, giving you the exact insights a business owner needs.

It gives your IT manager easy to start missions to help improve the cost efficiency of your resources.

Our USPs

How do we differentiate from our peers? Here's the top 3:

  • Focus on the business

    We have an intense focus on customer value and won't bother you with technical details when not necessary. We help you improve business and sustainability.

  • Insights instead of data

    Using advanced machine learning models we help you gain insights related to cloud spend and predict the future. We correlate that to your business processes.

  • Self-learning

    Our solution learns from you, your peers and your cloud provider automatically and applies that knowledge to further improve your insights continuously.

Start right away?

Nubovi subscriptions are based on your current monthly cloud bill. We will update that automatically every month. So if your costs go lower, you also pay less for Nubovi!

Select a monthly subscription that matches your organization.