NuboPredict gives you an accurate forecast of your cloud spend based on past performance and the other insights our AI models come up with. This makes budgeting easier, but also will be a trigger to stay on top of cloud efficiency.


An accurate forecast of you cloud spend helps you with creating better budgets, but it can also be used as a constant reminder that you need to stay on top of your cloud spend.

We have seen situations where a migration to the cloud took quite some time and so the monthly bill will show ever increasing numbers during that period. That could be a fine situation.

However, increasing cost in the past and predicted for the future can also be a sign of sub-optimal efficiency of your cloud deployments. This can be a trigger to dive deeper in your cloud score and missions to start improving the performance and efficiency of you cloud resources and lower your spend.

Growing pains?

NuboPredict helps getting insight in the future of your cloud spend. Increasing spend could be a sign of growing pains, so you'll need to look at efficiency.