NuboBoost is our AI based recommendation engine. Based on usage patterns and our continuously up-to-date knowledge of your environment and the cloud provider's latest updates we give actionable insights.


Looking at public cloud spend in general, most money is spend on IaaS: Virtual Machines, Containers and Storage. That adds up to about 85% on average. The remaining 15% goes to PaaS.

That's why our focus with NuboBoost is on IaaS mostly. We automatically analyze Virtual Machines, Disks, Storage, Databases and Containers. We of course also give insights in your PaaS spend, but no recommendations yet.

NuboBoost automatically recommends actions in the following categories: downsizing, upgrading, scheduling, turning off and reserverations (commits for 1-3 years). We do this based on usage patterns of your resources and the knowledge gathered by our models with input from your cloud environment and the cloud provider.

Implementing our recommendations has saved our customers > 15% on cloud spend on average, while at the same time improving performance.

Boost efficiency

We give actionable recommendations for improving efficiency and lowering spend. We also keep track of the results of the implemented changes.