NuboBudget is used to create budgets at the business process level. Budgets can be monthly, quarterly or yearly. You'll get insights in how your are doing versus budget and the process owner gets alerted in the event of (forecasted) overspend.


Budgets can be created by the business process, -unit or department manager. Nubovi helps you determine budgets by pre-filling the yearly, quartely or monthly budgets based on the previous period or the forecast. That's up to you.

Once the budgets have been configured, we'll show the progress versus the budget. You'll see the monthly ups and downs, and can then analyze the reasons through the missions page.

You can exactly see when the budget will be crossed, or when it is forecasted to be crossed. So you can act upon it immediately. Because Nubovi makes it so easy to work with your team (be it in finance, the business or IT), you can quickly interact with the people who are involved at the different levels and take action.

Easy budgeting

An easy to use graphical interface makes configuring and monitoring budgets a walk in the park. Business (unit) owners can stay on top of spend and forecasts.