NuboScore is a normalized score that we calculate for your cloud environment. It's basically an efficiency score, based on the room for improvement we see according to our generated recommendations.


Based on the input we gather from your cloud environment, our AI based recommendation engine, NuboBoost, provides detailed and actionable information on how to improve the efficiency of your deployments.

Using that information, we also calculate the NuboScore. We do that for each resource in your cloud. That way, we can show you scores at the Resource level, Resource Group level, Subscription level and, most importantly: the Business level. In the near future, we will also show how your peers are doing.

On the Missions page you will immediately see how the different levels score by means of the colors used. The more red you see in a bubble, the lower the NuboScore is and the more attention it needs.

All is okay?

NuboScore gives you a quick thumbs up when you're doing okay. If the score is below par, you'll know that missions need to be started to boost the efficiency.